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December 27, 2017
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January 3, 2018
A study done by The shows that over 30% of consumers base their decision making on package design. Two key elements of successful packaging are color and icons. Although many factors can determine the sales of an item, great packaging can't be ignored. Let's take a look at some great ideas to increase the value of your packaging.

Beautiful Palette A color palette that connects with your demographic and falls into place with your product's story triggers emotions that are essential to consumer buying impulses. Studies have shown how the use of certain colors can not only set you apart from your competition, but also can send a physiological message to the consumer. For example, bright colors promote less serious and exciting messages where darker and deeper colors represent power, control and expensiveness.

What are you made of? But don't limit your focus on the visual aspects of packaging. The material you choose is just as important. The choices of cardboard, paper and printing methods can be overwhelming, but some simple research can make an enormous difference in how your represent your product to consumers. Sometimes the difference in cost between a low end and high end package can be a few cents, but those few cents can add up to much higher sales. The effect on future sales is just as valuable. Over 50% of buyers say they would purchase again from a company with high quality packaging and almost all buyers say they reuse high quality boxes and bags, giving your package a lifespan as a marketing tool to other potential buyers.

The Social Effect How does this play into social media and viral marketing? 3/4 of 18-25 year-old consumers are more likely to share an image of your product packaging when purchased if the package is attractive and connects with the consumer. Social media users tend to find ads annoying but are okay with friends sharing product recommendations.

Make it Happen Where do you begin? The first step is the get a professional designer to start making concept designs. We all have a friend or relative that is a "designer" or is in school to become one. But you wouldn't have just anybody work on a luxury vehicle or build a craftsman home, the same rule applies to design. If you calculate your time and cost of getting your product to market, you could easily have spent tens of thousands of dollars. Everything you have done because pointless if your packaging turns buyers off. Be green! Sustainable materials are a huge deal maker for buyers, make your packaging from recycled materials or at least suggest recycling to your buyer. Make your branding visible and show pride. Get your logo and colors to pop, don't hide your brand. The more confidence you show the more trust you build with consumers. Don't leave buyers guessing. Nobody knows your product as well as you. New buyers have many questions, try to get everything answered as simply as possible. The less questions a buyer has the easier they are to part with their money.

In my next article I will talk more about how to use current successful brand name design techniques for your own needs.