The Value of Good Packaging
December 28, 2017

What’s the ideal number of fonts to use? And why use more than one font at all?

Whether you’re designing for print or web, fonts are the “voice” of your design- and therefore they’re also the voice of your company and products / services. It’s essential to ensure that your voice is clear and easy to understand.

First off, it’s good to know the difference between a font and a typeface. A typeface is a family of fonts (Futura, Helvetica, Roboto). A font is a style or weight within that family (Light, Italic, Book, Bold).

Types of fonts

Most designers agree that 2-3 fonts is ideal for print or web, whether they’re from the same typeface or different ones.

So why is it so important to restrict the number of fonts you use?

  1. Visual Hierarchy
    Using various fonts helps organize and structure your information. For example, a bold or display font creates emphasis and tells your viewer what’s coming (such as with headlines and titles), or can tell your viewer what’s important, like the date of a sale. If you have too many fonts, your viewer will become confused about what to focus on, and your message becomes muddled.
  2. Consistency
    Because fonts are your voice, so to speak, you don’t want to change fonts too frequently. It will help your customers remember your brand and company if you stick to the same 2-3 fonts on all your designs (website, flyers, social media, etc.).

Rules of Thumb for Font Use
  • Mix sans serif and serif fonts
  • Use fonts from the same typeface / font family
  • Don’t change typefaces within paragraphs
  • Choose a simple font for body copy

Need help finding a font for your brand? Check out these sites.
  • See a font you like and want to know what it is? Submit a photo / screenshot here.
  • Peruse Google’s font library
  • Examples of font pairs and what kind of companies they can be used for

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